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HONDA NSX (Formula Red)
Motegi South Course / 2016-07
C30A, 2977cc, 4AT, Power: 265ps/6800rpm, Torque: 30kgm/5400rpm
C30A, 2977cc, 6MT, Power: 320ps/7800rpm, Torque: 30.6kgm/7200rpm
C32B, 3179cc, 6MT, Power: 340ps/7385rpm, Torque: 36.6kgm/6100rpm
Rev. limit: 8000rpm,
Layout: Transverse mounted, mid-ship, Rear-wheel-drive
Exterior dimensions: 4,430(L) x 1,810(W) x 1,170(H) mm, Weight: 1,390kg
Date of first registration: March 1991
Total number of production: 18,000 cars (from 1990 till 2005)
Major Modifications:
2019/03: Air cleaner changed (340PS)
2018/10: Replacement of engine into C32B with hi-camshaft (338PS)
2016/03: Sports Modulo Suspension Kit mounted
2012/01: New type LSD replacement
2010/12: Hi-camshaft, exhaust manifold, muffler replacement (320PS)
2009/08: 6MT+ F-CON V Pro
2007/04: 02R Brake system replacement
2006/12: Super Lock LSD+4.4 Final
2006/09: 4AT->5MT(4.2 Final) & later term ABS replacement
Encounter with a friend:
The meeting came suddenly. Fellow who kept sleeping in the indoor special keeping warehouse for a long time. The mileage was only 4,400km. I am sure to have wanted surely to run under the blue sky. Thus, she was untied, and became my lover on December 3, 2005.
The body was made to slide into to driver's sheet like the cockpit, and there was not worth of the age when the steering wheel of this car was gripped for the first time and either my heart throbbed. It is the same as feelings exciting of putting to the car for the first time at infancy. When the engine starter is turned, the engine sound in a profound bass region is transmitted from the engine room of the back. It is a moment when the oneness with a peculiar machine to the midship is felt. If the throttle is completely opened, the driver is invited to the different dimension space with an engine sound that is peculiar to VTEC and shrill once. Exactly, it is one that can personally experience purity sports that HONDA advocates.
NSX from which sales in the country had been begun in September, 1990 ended in December, 2005 all production, and finished the mission of 15 years that had kept reigning as a flagship of HONDA sports. However, there are still a lot of fans that withers in the desire of HONDA Pure Sports.
Impression from the production end after 11 years... (OCT/2016)
Major modification:
About nine months have passed beginning to get on NSX. The car equipped with the manual transmission seems to be better to enjoy the sport driving at circuits. It was not possible to separate from the lover easily so, it put on the manual transmission of TYPE-R 5MT, and it decided to change it though it thought about the purchase substitution for the manual transmission car. The ABS system was replaced with the latter term when reliability is high type at the same time (Sep/2006).  Super lock LSD was mounted and final gear was changed from 4.235 to 4.4 (Dec/2006).
In October 2018, replaced the C30A engine so far to C32B newly assembled. As a result, the maximum power was 338 PS and the maximum torque increased to 35.5 kgm, making it a more torqueful vehicle than ever.
On board video:
There is no chance to take a picture of the driving image of the car quite. It bears shame and the appearance in the circuit is opened to the public from among very few libraries. Please note that the old movies have been delated from the web site.
Content Date Period Size File type
Suzuka Racing Course Wet with GPS data 2021/05 3 min. 621 MB MP4
Motegi Road Course with GPS data 2020/12 3 min. 454 MB MP4
Motegi South Course (Counterclockwise) 2020/12 2 min. 250 MB MP4
Suzuka Racing Course Wet with GPS data 2019/12 4 min. 4.11 GB MP4
Motegi Road Course with GPS data 2019/06 3 min. 227 MB MP4
Suzuka Racing Course with GPS data 2019/03 3 min. 145 MB MP4
Motegi Road Course with GPS data 2018/12 3 min. 111 MB MP4
Suzuka Racing Course with GPS data 2018/11 3 min. 120 MB MP4
Suzuka South Course with GPS data 2018/11 1 min. 40 MB MP4
Motegi Road Course with GPS data 2018/06 3 min. 101 MB MP4
Suzuka Racing Course Dry with GPS data 2018/03 3 min. 126 MB MP4
Motegi Road Course with GPS data 2017/12 3 min. 100 MB MP4
Motegi South Course (Clockwise) 2017/12 1 min. 20 MB MP4
Motegi Steady Circular Turning (2 turns) 2017/12 30 sec. 13 MB MP4
Motegi North Short Course with GPS data 2017/12 1 min. 40 MB MP4
Suzuka Racing Course Dry with GPS data 2017/12 3 min. 151 MB MP4
Motegi Road Course Dry with GPS data 2017/04 2.5 min. 440 MB MP4
Motegi Road Course Dry (NSX-OM) 2016/12 3 min. 150 MB MP4
Motegi South Course Dry (NSX-OM) 2016/12 1.5 min. 90 MB MP4
Suzuka Racing Course Dry (NSX-OM) 2016/11 3 min. 170 MB MP4
Motegi East Course (NSX-OM) 2016/9 2 min. 85 MB MP4
Motegi South Course (NSX-OM) 2016/9 1.5 min. 68 MB MP4
Tsukuba Course 2000 2016/7 1.5 min. 340 MB MP4
Motegi South Course (NSX-OM) 2016/7 1.5 min. 82 MB MP4
Motegi Road (Full) Course (NSX-OM) 2016/5 3.5 min. 58 MB MP4
Motegi South Course (NSX-OM) 2016/5 1.5 min. 36 MB MP4
Suzuka Racing Course (wet) 2016/5 3 min. 772 MB MP4
Suzuka South Course (dry) 2016/5 1 min. 230 MB MP4
Suzuka Racing Course by Mr. Ryo Michigami 2015/10 5 min. 127 MB MP4
Suzuka Racing Course Open iNSX fiestaj 2015/10 3 min. 64 MB MP4
Watch out for:
When this car is driven, the most attentive is high speed operation at rain. The spin might be easily happened at the speed at 100 km/h or more according to the situation. It has delicate one side of extremely causing the hydroplaning easily by the fact that the midship layout and the front wheel load are few.
Maintenance record:
Date Odo meter (km) Short note
2021-05-13 102,635 T3TEC new suspension kit mounted, brake oil replaced
2021-03-31 101,166 Maintenance lid replaced
2021-02-17 100,936 Engine oil, oil element & brake oil replaced
2020-12-16 100,200 Engine oil, oil element & brake oil replaced, Battery replaced, Rear tire RE-71RS x 2
2020-12-05 100,000 Achieved 100,000 km
2020-07-29 99,400 Steering boss & horn contact plate replaced, Engine oil & brake oil replaced
2020-04-05 98,720 Steering column repaired, Driver lower panel replaced
2020-02-21 97,474 Brake mastervac replaced, Engine oil and brake oil replaced
2019-12-19 97,317 Hand-made air filter replaced
2019-11-23 95,968 Regal inspection with structual changes into C32B and brake caliper x 4 replaced
2019-08-24 95,750 Drive shaft replaced, Big slottle,  engine oil, oil element & brake oil replaced
2019-04-13 94,680 Windshield, air inlet garnish L/R and engine oil, oil element & brake oil replaced
2019-03-09 93,333 Air cleaner changed, wiper replaced, power check
2019-02-11 92,560 Window washer tank, front hub bearing & front emblem replaced, brake caripper o/h, wheel alignment, engine oil, oil element & brake oil replaced
2018-12-05 91,830 02R rotor x 4, Brake pad x 4, Engine oil & brake oil replaced, RE010
2018-11-10 90,300 Rear left wheel repaired, Rear tire x 2 (AD-08R) replaced
2018-10-27 88,888 Replacement of engine into new C32B, Light flywheel, Mission O/H
2018-08-18 88,876 Depositing my lover in a tuning shop for heavy maintenance
2018-04-19 88,386 Rear tire x2 (Neova AD-08R 255/35R18 90W) and valve x 2 replaced
2018-04-07 88,270 Expansion tank, Engine oil, oil element & brake oil replaced
2018-03-16 86,700 Rear L/R hub bearing replaced
2018-03-03 86,176 Radiator etc replaced, Engile oil and element, brake oil replaced
2017-12-17 85,460 Starter motor, engine oil and brake oil replaced
2017-11-26 84,090 Inspection, Evaporator assy, Fuel tank comp, 02R rotor x 4, Brake pad x 4, Engine oil, brake oil and wiper blade L/R replaced
2017-06-23 80,300 Engine oil + oil element and brake oil replaced
2017-02-26 79,630 Alternator replaced, Brake oil replaced, Alignment adjusted
Air cleaner replaced to Honda original one
2017-02-15 79,515 Wheel repaired, Tire x 4 replaced (Neova AD-08R)
2016-11-23 78,600 Engine oil + oil element and brake oil replaced, Battery replaced
2016-10-16 77,000 Brake oil (Wakos SP-4 dot 4) replaced, Rear brake pad replaced
2016-08-27 76,500 Engine oil + oil element and brake oil replaced
2016-06-26 75,250 Brake oil (Petronas DOT 4) replaced
2016-03-20 71,500 Modulo suspension mounted, Engine mounts & door glass replaced
2016-02-14 70,750 Suspension modified, Engine/Brake/Mission oil replaced
Neova AD08R 255/35R18 x 2 replaced
2015-12-13 69,670 Inspection, Hard maintenance
2015-10-11 67,900 Engine/brake oil replaced
2015-09-10 66,100 Engine/brake oil & element, inner fenderx4 replaced
2015-03-22 62,726 Engine/brake oil & element replaced
2014-11-23 61,475 Engine/brake oil & element replaced
2014-08-02 59,000 Wheel Prodrive GC-06D + Tire Advan Neova AD-08R
2014-07-10 58,618 Low beam side HID unit changed
2014-05-07 57,650 Engine/brake oil & element replaced, Metal catalyzer mounted
2014-04-04 56,760 Air cleaner rewashed
2013-12-24 56,300 Engine/mission/brake oil & element replaced, suspension &
power steering lack overhaul
2012-10-13 53,536 Engine oil & element, brake oil replaced
2012-06-19 52,500 02R style rear wing, Engine oil & element, brake oil replaced
2012-04-03 51,700 Metal catalyzer mounted
2012-03-30 51,620 4 x Tire replaced to Yokohama Advan Neova AD08
2012-01-21 51,600 Clutch ass'y replaced, new type LSD, mission overhaul
2011-08-24 49,875 None
2010-12-11 49,000 Engine OH, Hi-camshaft, ex-manifold, muffler, brake rotor & pad
2010-10-23 47,600 Side step, front hood & air shroud, front under diffuser
2010-06-26 45,250 Engine/mission/brake oil & oil element replaced (by KSP)
2010-04-19 44,970 None
2009-12-06 43,394 Front lip, tire house cover (FL), radiator hose replaced
2009-11-20 43,068 Legal Inspection, KSP shock absorber
2009-09-06 40,980 Engine oil, oil element and brake oil replaced (by KSP)
2009-08-09 39,890 5MT->6MT + F-CON V Pro
2009-07-13 39,445 Engine oil, and brake oil replaced
2008-11-30 37,280 Alignment adjusted
2008-10-31 37,014 Passenger's side door regulator replaced, Front height 1cm up
2008-08-22 35,118 O2 sensor, Radiator hose, Engine oil, Brake oil replaced
2008-07-27 34,000 Oil catch tank added, Rip spoiler replaced
2008-07-06 32,600 Air conditioner repaired
2008-06-05 32,000 Bridgestone RE-11 mounted
2008-04-12 30,128 Engine oil & brake oil replaced
2007-12-08 27,600 Engine oil & brake oil replaced
2007-10-08 25,991 Mission repaired, mission oil replaced
2007-08-13 24,025 Mission oil replaced
2007-07-16 23,360 Brake oil replaced (Fortec)
2007-05-20 22,050 None
2007-04-25 20,300 02R slit rotor & caliper mounted
2007-02-24 18,700 Shock absorber replaced
2007-02-11 17,890 DEF & brake oils replaced
2007-01-24 17,023 Muffler and engine oil replaced
2006-12-29 16,623 Super Lock LSD + 4.4 Final, Down suspension
2006-11-04 15,100 Air intake changed
2006-10-01 14,950 None
2006-09-16 14,000 AT->MT, ABS replacements
2006-09-01 13,740 In dock for modifications
2006-08-06 12,480 Brake & ABS oils replaced
2006-07-03 11,480 Muffler replaced, Throttle washed
2006-06-03 11,020 In.mani. plate replaced
2006-05-06 10,250 None
2006-04-16 10,040 None
2006-03-19 8,500 Brake & ABS oils replaced
2006-02-19 7,435 Added rear diffuser
2006-01-21 5,500 Replaced to 17inch wheel
2005-12-03 4,500 In use