Since Feb/2/2001
My favorrite goods of mountain climbing
OCT/6/2001 Update
@The mountain goods introducing in this page are that I have actually used from 1972 till 1979 more than 20 years ago.
Boots (E)

This is a last one I used about 20 years ago. (Gasherbrum, made in Italy)
Crampon (F), Steigeisen (D)

This crampon has 12 tips and is used for rock-climbing in winter season. (SALEWA, made in West Germany)
Eispickel (D), Iceaxe (E)

The bottom one is that I mostly used for mountain climbing. The middle one and upper one is for ice-climbing. (Upper-Simond Mustand, France)
(Middle-Interalp Camp, Italy)
(Lower-Simond Super D, France)
Rucksack (E/G), Sack (D)

I have used several rucksacks. But, this is only the one I have now. (Chouinard)

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Mat (E)

I have used this mat for seven years to sleep in a tent.
Water Tank (E)

This was used for drink water (2 litters).
Sleeping Bag (E)

This is a sleeping bag made by feathers. I used this about seven years.
Long Spats (E)

This is used to protect boots from snow.
Glove (E)

Windjacke (D), Parka (E)

Some parts have been fused from a friction by rope when ice-climbing. I used this parka about seven years.
Pants (E)

I used this pants about seven years.
Compass (E)

Head Lamp (E)