Since Feb/2/2001
My favorrite goods of rock-climbing
This corner introduces my favorrite goods of rock-climbing that I used in the period from 1972 through to 1979.
Bolt (E)

This tool is used to make a belay point on a rock-face which has no crack on it. To make a hall on a rock face, a special tool called as "Jumping Set" is used. And It needs more than 10 minutes to make a hall.
Bolt (diameter of ring is 5cm)
Piton (F), Haken (D)

This tool is used to make a belay point for a crack on rock.
Piton (10 cm length)
Eight-ring (E)

This Eight-ring is a tool for belaying and rappeling.
Eight-ring (14.5 cm width)
Carabiner (E)

Locking and non-locking carabiners for general purposes. (Left-Ronaiti, Italy & Right-Charlet, France)
Carabiners (11 cm height for left one)
Climbing Hammer (E)

This is a quite old one having a wooden handle.
Climbing Hammer
Climbing Helmet (E)

The band in the front and rear side is for headlamp. (Galibier, France)@
Climbing Helmet
Harness (E), Selbstband (D)

@This is a kind of sit harness made in England. (Whillans Sit Harness by Troll)
Whistle (E)
Knife (E)
Sling (E), Schlinge (D)

Those slings are used to make a belay point etc.