2001.03.31 Upload
1973.5.1 - 5.6
Kitakata St. - (Bus) - Iide-Kousen - Jizou-San (485m, stay) - Mikuni-Dake (1631m) - Iide-Honzan (2105m) - Kiriai-Goya (2 days stay) - Mikuni-Dake - Jizou-San - Iide-Kousen - (Bus) - Kitakata St.
I have experienced just one year after joining a mountain circle. In May, we tried to climb Iide-Renpou which is located northern part of Japan. The number of members was eight.

Unfortunately, we could not complete the course as we scheduled due to heavy raining. But, it was a good experience for me.
Climbing for Jizou-San
Mikuni-Dake from the approach of Jizou
Stay at Jizou-San (first day)
View of Iiderenpou
View of Iide-Kousen
At Iide-Kousen