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This corner introduces some fossils that we have collected in Japan.
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Anomalocarid Fossil Gallery by Era Ammonite
Palaeozoic (Wakuwakuland) 2001.08.19
Mesozoic (Dokidokiland) 2000.09.30
Cenozoic (Haraharaland) 2000.09.30
Fossil Gallery by Region
Ammonites in Hokkaido 2000.12.17
Fossils in Kitaibaraki U/P
Fossils around Lake-Inba 2003.05.25
Fossils in Semata 2001.03.10
Fossils in Choshi Peninsula 2002.05.01
Fossils in Inzai 2003.05.25
Fossils in Kyonanmachi U/P
Fossils in Akabanecho U/P
Fossils in Shokawamura U/P
Fossils in Kamitakaramura 2001.10.27
Visited places 2002.11.02
Geology chronological table 2000.09.30
Location map 2001.11.03
Sea in Permian 2000.09.30
Jaw of short fin mako shark 2003.02.06