Antique Radio Collection
Part No. 3
2003.02.06 upload
Super Heterodyne MT-Tube AM Radio
National EA-410 in 1956
The EA-410 is a superheterodyne two band MT-tube radio which was made during 1954 till 1956. The condition is quite good as shown in the followung photos.

EA-410 Front View
EA-410 Rear View

Model National EA-410
AC/DC 5-Tube 2-Band Radio
Manufacturer Matsushita Electric
Frequency band MW: 535-1605 kc/c
SW: 3.7-12 Mc/s
IF 455 kc/s
Tubes 12BE6, 12BA6, 12AV6, 35C5, 35W4
Input power 100V AC/DC,  50-60 c/s
Power consumption 23 VA
Speaker National P-5132
Permanent dynamic speaker

EA-410 Inside View
EA-410 Circuit Diagram