Antique Radio Collection
Part No. 2
2003.01.18 upload
Super Heterodyne MT-Tube AM Radio
Sanyo SS-58 in 1954
The Sanyo SS-58 is a super heterodyne MT-tube AM radio using transformer which was made in 1954. This is still working for about 50 years.

SS-58 Front View
SS-58 Rear View

Model SANYO SS-58
Super Heterodyne (5 x MT-tube)
Manufacturer SANYO
Frequency band MW: 535-1605kc
IF 455kc/s
Tubes 6BE6, 6BD6, 6AV6, 6AR5, 5MK9
Sensitivity 80uV
Audio output Max. 1.5W
Input power 85V-100V, 50-60c/ss
Power consumption 38VA
Speaker SANYO roc-TO
Permanent dynamic speaker

Inside View
Filament of 5MK9