Antique Radio Collection
Part No. 12
2003.03.29 upload
Super Heterodyne MT-Tube AM Radio
Yaou 5L302 in 1960s
The model 5L302 made by Yaou Electric is a super heterodyne radio using five kinds of MT-tube which was made in 1960s. It is still working for 40 years.

5L302 Front View
5L302 Rear View

Model name General Radio Model 5L302
Manufacturer Yaou Electric Co., Ltd.
Frequency band MW: 535kc - 1605kc
Tube used 12BE6, 12BA6, 12AV6, 30A5, 35W4
Pilot lamp 2 x 6.3V
Audio output 1.5W@Max. 2W
Power Input 50-60c/s, 90-110V
Power consumption 29VA
Speaker 6.5 Inch. Permanent dynamic speaker
Size W46 x H25 x D18 (cm) 

5L302 Inside View
5L302 Circuit Diagram
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