Antique Radio Collection
Part No. 11
2003.02.06 upload
MT-Tube Communications Receiver
TRIO 9R-59D in 1966
This is a same model I was using for radio amateur when I was 15 to 18 years old in 1960s. Recently, I got this machine by an auction and it is still good working.

Front View
*Left side one is a speaker Model SP-5D
Inside View
Rear View
Block Diagram

Mechanical Filter (455kHz, by TOKO)

Structure of Mechanical Filter
IF Circuit and Mechanical Filter

Model 9R-59D
Manufacturer TRIO(Kenwood)
Frequency band 550-1600 kHz
1.6-4.8 MHz
4.8-14.5 MHz
10.5-30 MHz
Sensitivity A, B, C band <6dB (S/N 10dB)
D band 13MHz <18dB(S/N 10dB)
      28MHz <10dB(S/N 10dB)
Selectavility >-50dB(+/-5kHz)
Audio output 1.5W
Input power 100V or 117V, 50-60Hz
Power consumption 45W
Tube used 6BA6(HF) , 6BE6(MIX), 6AQ8(Lo), 6BA6(IFx2), 1/2 6AQ8(BFO)
1/2 6AQ8(LF), 6AQ5(AUDIO), VR-150MT(Voltage stability)
Size W 380 cm x H 180 cm x D 251 (mm)
Weight 8.5kg
Price 29,800 JPY (in 1966)
Start to sell 1966